The compost that improves the perfomance of your crops

With more than 30 years of experience, Compost Segrià is a company that is dedicated to the manufacturing of organic compost and other organic farming products to fertilize soils. Thanks to our products, our clients can safely bet on organic agriculture.

Ecological Products

At Compost Segrià we have more than just a compromise with authorized products used for environmental-friendly agriculture, we also play our part against climate change and soil degradation through recycling organic waste.

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Circular Economy

We are a circular economy benchmark and sustainable agriculture within the fertilizer industry. This is due to our commitment for the natural and organic, aside from also nurturing a close collaboration with our clients and the companies related to the industry.

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Composting Plant

At Compost Segrià we have a composting plant with the proper facilities in order to transform organic waste into compost.. These facilities allow the composting process to be completed in a controlled and environmentally-friendly way.

Reception Area

This area is a surface that is properly waterproofed, and it wide enough to accomodate all of the different type of raw material that constantly arrive. It is in this stage where the raw material is analyzed and classified.

Fermentation Area

Here the raw materials are homogeneously mixed and the transformation process, properly known as “composting”, takes place. Since organic matter, when decomposing and degrading naturally, can reach a temperature of 70 ºC, our facilities are optimal for this process to be carried out in a controlled manner, and without taking any risk.

Maduration Zone

It is a waterproofed area in order to prevent the product from getting spoiled. In this place, the compost is left to rest and is periodically fliped to oxygenate the mixture, and to prevent microorganisms that are beneficial to crops and soil from dying beacuse of lack of oxygen.

Finished Product Area

In this facility the end product is placed. Here our compost is stabilized and screened. One of the advantages of this product is that its storage and transport do not have any risk neither for health nor the environment.
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