Compost Segrià has been dedicated to proper waste management for over 30 years.

Our company recovers waste through composting and we have grown and improved our facilities and services through close collaboration with our customers. We have extensive experience working with companies in the agri-food industry, urban waste management, and farmers.


Our main objective is to manage and recover waste in order to transform it into organic fertiliser of the highest quality, while remaining committed to a sustainable world.

At our company, we process different types of non-hazardous organic and biodegradable materials from the agri-food, urban, industrial, agricultural and livestock industries. By recycling them through the composting process, we can reduce the amount of waste and, in addition, obtain an excellent fertiliser. In this way we contribute to the development of a circular economy, while also contributing to the fight against climate change and helping preserve the soil.

We work closely with our customers, not only as a service provider, but also by supporting and adding value to their production processes.


At Compost Segrià, we want to keep taking strides as a leading company in organic material recycling, committed to food production from ecological and sustainable agriculture. We also want to continue the fight against climate change and work to protect and preserve agricultural soils.

Although currently our activity is mainly focused on Catalonia and Aragon, we intend to increase our area of influence in different geographical areas in order to have a greater positive impact.

On the other hand, in the Aragonese province of Huesca we have the services of the company Reciclajes del Bajo Cinca, which also specialises in waste management.


Transparency and commitment

We embrace transparency in all our activities and have a firm commitment to the community and the environment.

Sustainability and proximity

We work for a sustainable world, and we collaborate with our immediate environment. All our providers are local.

Innovation and continuous improvement

We implement continuous improvements in our transformation process in order to be more efficient and at the same time achieve a final product of the highest quality.

Quality and service

We work with first materials, which have been selected and analysed to comply with our quality standards and to be able to offer an excellent final product. These materials are controlled and analysed by external laboratories. Our vocation for service is part of our DNA, as is our aim is to satisfy the needs of our most demanding customers.