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At Compost Segrià we are specially dedicated to manufacturing products to fertilize the soil, with organic manureas our outstanding product. Thanks to the process of fertilizing, the production of soils and farmland is increased, because there are added essential elements for plant growth. They also improve their resistance to pathogens that can cause diseases.

Organic Manures

The manure is a product that humanity has used over the centuries, and thanks to its use the crops have been able to increase their production and quality throughout history. Another characteristic is that its storage and transport do not convey any risk, and its application in the field is direct, meaning that it is simply poured onto the soil as desired. Of all the compost variations, the organic manure is our biggest bet.

Compost is the result of the decomposition of organic matter, therefore it is considered natural. For its production process to be considered ecofriendly, it must comply with the regulations for this type of fertilizer products.

Another important feature is that its storage and transport do not pose any risk and its application on the ground is direct: it is simply poured onto the soil to be fertilized.

Although there are many varieties of fertilizers that adapt to all types of crops, and vegetables in general, due to their multiple qualities, organic fertilizers are increasingly preferred.

¿What kind of manures are we selling?


f you are looking for ecological fertlizer, we recommend Nutricompost, our compost suitable for environmental agriculture, which has the European certification from Ecocert

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The Compost s4 is a orgànic fertlizer and very useful. The biggest advantage of our product is that it is rich in organic

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The Compost organ-mineral is made from a mix of compost with conventional fertilizers, and what you get is an excellent organ-mineral blend

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