S4 compost

S4 compost is an organic fertiliser obtained through a natural biological process. Buying compost has many advantages, as it is rich in organic matter and contains microorganisms which are essential for the proper development of crops and soils.

The organic compost is obtained from a process called “composting”, which consists of the decomposition of organic raw materials. This process is carried out in special facilities, where the entire production is monitored in a controlled manner to achieve the best possible quality. The resulting product is biostable, homogeneous, safe, and odour-free.

Another advantage of the s4 compost is that it can be transported and applied easily and does not cause any environmental or health hazards. The organic compost is widely used in agriculture, as its high organic matter content improves the characteristics of the land on which it is applied. For example: it increases available water, increases fertility, microbiological activity increases, there is greater oxygenation, and more.