With our years of experience and approach of close collaboration, we offer services tailored to your specific needs, from waste collection to personalised agricultural advice. Find out how we can transform your farming activity with commitment and efficiency

Advice on fields and waste management

Compost Segrià can offer you expert advice and recommendations for the use of compost and other fertilisers, both for agriculture and gardening. We also provide support in the creation of customised fertilisation programmes for your crops, ensuring optimum use of the products for the maximum benefit of the crops.

In addition, we efficiently manage organic waste, offering direct assistance to our specialised plants or through technical advice to improve the recycling of organic matter and make your production process more efficient.


Compost application process

If you do not have the right machinery to apply fertilisers in the field, Compuesto Segrià is here to help you. With specialised machinery and experienced professionals, we are prepared to apply the compost to the soil, adapting to all types of crops and land. From fertilisation for fruit trees to direct incorporation into the soil, we are ready to meet to your fertilisation needs.


Organic waste management and technical advice on recycling

We contribute to the responsible management of your company’s or farm’s organic waste through an annual collection service.

Reduce your environmental impact with our sustainable solution.


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