Composting plant

At Compost Segrià, our strengths are our extensive experience and our close relationship with our customers. After many years of working side by side with our customers, we stand out from other composting companies by committing ourselves to providing the best possible service and adapting to their specific needs. Therefore, we offer our customers a comprehensive and personalised service for every situation.

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What is a composting plant?

At Compost Segrià, we have a composting plant with the appropriate facilities for organic waste to be transformed into compost. These installations allow the composting process to be carried out in a controlled and environmentally friendly way.

Our composting plant

Reception area

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Fermentation zone

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Maturation zone

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Finished product area

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What is the composting process?

The composting process is a key part of our mission at Compost Segrià, as it allows us to create high quality organic fertilisers and composts. Compost, one of our most versatile fertilisers, is the result of a natural decomposition of primary organic matter, done in a controlled manner. This process involves microorganisms that are beneficial to plant life, turning the compost into a highly nutritious and beneficial mixture for the growth of all types of crops and vegetables.

It is essential to carry out the composting treatment in specific facilities to ensure that the final product has optimum quality, as is the case with our compost at Compost Segrià. Our products are not just good for agriculture, they also play an important role in gardening, as well as in the conservation and recovery of degraded soils.

Importantly, the composting process does not negatively affect the environment or peoples’ health, as long as it is done correctly. By composting organic waste, we contribute to waste reduction and encourage recycling as a way to minimise our impact on planet Earth and its natural resources.