Composting Plant

At Compost Segrià we stand out from the other compost companies because we have been working very closely with our clients for many years to offer them the best service possible, making it well adapted to their specific needs. For this reason, we offer our clients a complete and personalized service for each case.

Advisement on the Field and Waste Management

For those clients that require it, Compost Segrià counts with capable professionals that can advise and perform recommendations about the use of compost and other manure and fertilizers, for uses such as agriculture and gardening as well. We also offer our help in the implementation of fertilization programmes for the crops that may require it. Thanks to our support you will be able to optimize our products, therefore gaining this way the best benefits for your crops.

Another service that you can receive from Compost Segrià is the management of organic waste. We will take care of this type of waste, we can help you and assist you as well; whether it can be managing them directly with our specialized facilities, or also through technical advisements that will allow you to perform a better recycling of your organic matter. This way you will be able to make your productive process more efficiently.

Process of the Compost Implementation

In the case that you do not have the adequate and necessary machinery to be able to apply manures and fertilizers on the field, at Compost Segrià we can also provide you with assistance to handle these tasks. We have machinery and specialized professionals in the application of compost into the soil, for all crops, whether the type is plantation or field. Therefore, we can assist you from the fertilization in the row for fruit trees to the direct incorporation on the soil. Regardless of the needs of fertilization you have, we can assist you with any task you request and desire.

With the help and guidance we offer, you will be able to obtain better results from your crops and plantations. Also, if you have any questions about how to execute any process, we will be able to assist you. At Compost Segrià we always care about our clients, and we strive for excellence to offer this type of services to monitor and follow-up on the process of manure and fertilization. This way, bonds between manufacturer and buyer are strengthened, a link thatcomposting companies like ours hold in high esteem and is an added value to the customer experience.

What Is a Composting Plant?

At Compost Segrià we have a composting plant with the proper facilities in order to transform organic waste into compost.. These facilities allow the composting process to be completed in a controlled and environmentally-friendly way.

Parts of Our Composting Plant

Reception Area

This area is a surface that is properly waterproofed, and it wide enough to accomodate all of the different type of raw material that constantly arrive. It is in this stage where the raw material is analyzed and classified.

Fermentation Area

Here the raw materials are homogeneously mixed and the transformation process, properly known as “composting”, takes place. Since organic matter, when decomposing and degrading naturally, can reach a temperature of 70 ºC, our facilities are optimal for this process to be carried out in a controlled manner, and without taking any risk.

Maturation Zone

It is a waterproofed area in order to prevent the product from getting spoiled. In this place, the compost is left to rest and is periodically fliped to oxygenate the mixture, and to prevent microorganisms that are beneficial to crops and soil from dying beacuse of lack of oxygen.

Finished Product Area

In this facility the end product is placed. Here our compost is stabilized and screened. One of the advantages of this product is that its storage and transport do not have any risk neither for health nor the environment.

What Does the Composting Process Consist of?

At Compost Segrià we are strongly committed to the composting process to manufacture organic fertilizers. Compost is one of the most versatile and useful for any type of crops and soils. The composting system is completed through the natural decomposition of raw material from organic sources, but in a controlled manner. In this process beneficial microorganisms take part in plant life, therefore compost is a mix that is highly useful to supply nutrients and to improve the health of all types of crops or any other type of plants.

The composting processing does not damage the environment nor health, but it has to be done in special facilities in order to ensure the product will have an optimal and quality result, like in the case of the compost we manufacture at Compost Segrià. Our manures and fertilizers are not only useful for agriculture, but also are widely used for gardening, and in the conservation and recovery of damaged soils and farmlands.

Thanks to the process of organic waste compost, we help the waste reduction as well. Besides, we favor and support recycling, as a means to reduce our impact on the planet Earth and its natural resources.

At Compost Segrià we dedicate to organic waste composting, a natural process through which one of the best and most useful amedment is obtained known as “compost.” To manufacture this product we use waste from organic sources deriving from different activities such as: manure from farms, organic remains from agro-food industries or the remains of various plants and vegetables.

Thanks to the organic waste composting process, we have managed to recycle these waste and scraps, since by reducing their weight and volume, and stabilizing them we generate a final product; compost, which is very beneficial for plant life and the environment.