Reception area

This space is an area that is properly waterproofed and is large enough to accommodate the different types of raw materials that are constantly arriving. It is at this stage that the raw material is analysed and classified.

Fermentation zone

This is where the homogeneously mixed raw materials are placed and the transformation process, known as "composting", takes place. As the organic material degrades naturally and reaches a temperature of over 70 °C, our facilities are ideal for this to take place in a controlled and risk-free manner.

Maturation zone

This area is waterproofed to prevent the product from spoiling. Here the compost is left to rest and is periodically stirred to oxygenate the mixture and prevent the beneficial microorganisms for crops and soils from dying due to a lack of oxygen.

Finished product area

This is where the final product is deposited. Here our compost is already stabilised and screened. One of the advantages of this product is that storing and transporting it does not pose any risk to health or the environment.